Company History

1946 Heiwa bussan CO., Ltd. was established as a subsidiary of Kishimoto Shoten in Marunouchi, Tokyo.
Domestics sale of steels and import and export of raw materials for steelmaking, petroleum products, non-ferrous metals, minerals and agricultural to Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Korea, Europe, and various parts of the U.S. were operated.
1954 Import and sale of medical devices made in the U.S. was started through Kishimoto Shoten.
Heart-lung machine・Electrocardiograph・Biological polygraphic monitors・External pacemakers・Defibrillators・Blood pressure transducers・Prosthetic heart valves・X-rays equipments.
1964 With the merger with Kishimoto Shoten and Okura Shoji, Heiwa Bussan completely renewed its business and restarted import and sales of medical devices and domestic sales of nonferrous metals.
Osaka branch office was established and business was started.
1967 Sale of Implantable pacemaker made in the U.S. was started.
1968 Large scale hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber was first introduced into Japan.
1970 Osaka sales office was promoted to Osaka branch office.
1981 Fukuoka sales office was opened.
1987 Sapporo sales office was opened.
1989 The domestic sale of the Toyobo Ventricular Assist Device (Developed by the National Cardiovascular Center) was started.
Tokyo distribution center was opened.
1991 Osaka distribution center was opened.
A medical devices business was inherited from Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, Ltd.
1993 Import and sales of Ablation System was started by the first import approval in Japan.
Sendai sales office was opened.
1994 Nagoya sales office was opened.
2006 The manufacturing approvals for Cardiopulmonary bypass circuit were transferred from Mitsuya Medical and we have become the Marketing Authorization Holder for it.
2013 Omiya sales office was opened.
Sale of Implantable Ventricular Assist Device (HeartMate2) was started.
2014 50th anniversary of starting sale of medical devices