We strive to contribute to society by developing the business which serves the improvement of medical care

Our predecessors had started the import and sale of the newest medical devices, such as an electrocardiograph, a heart lung machine, cardiac valve prostheses, an external pacemaker, a defibrillator, and X ray equipment, in 1954, and sometime around 1967, we started to be engaged in the distribution of the implantable pacemakers in Japan.

At the same time, we have introduced many advanced medical devices to doctors of nationwide for diagnosis and medical treatment of the cardiovascular surgery and cardiovascular internal medicine.

Succeeding the tradition of our company as a specialist in medical devices for the cardiovascular surgery and cardiovascular internal medicine, we are focusing on being a special trading company that can contribute to the development of new medical devices which respond to customers’ needs with effective, high quality, safe, patient-friendly and economic features by making use of our accumulated know-how with foreign and domestic companies.

Our policy is to bring up human resources (each and every person) carefully so that “garden plants may be nurtured from seeds”, based on the principle that “human resources are treasure.”

That is to say, we always consider being “a reliable company with strong presence in the market”.